Special Sessions

9.1 Sustainable Plasma Chemistry for a Net-zero Economy

Xin Tu

University of Liverpool, UK

9.2 EMP and EMC in Controlled Nuclear Fusion

Cui Meng

Zhejiang University, CN

9.3 Pulsed Power Accelerators and Beams

Hao Wei

Northwest Institute of Nuclear Technology, CN

9.4 Application of Plasma in the Preparation of Advanced Materials

Peng Zhao

Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN

9.5 Electrical Breakdown and Discharge Plasma in Vacuum

Wanzhao Cui

China Academy of Space Technology, CN

9.6 Eco-friendly Gas Discharge and its Applications

Yu Zheng

Wuhan University, CN

9.7 Innovative Fusion Approaches: Magneto-inertial Fusion (MIF)

Francis Thio

ShanghaiTech University, CN

9.8 Extreme Electromagnetic Engineering and its Biomedical Applications

Liang Yu

Chongqing University, CN

9.9 Scientific Machine Learning and its Applications to Plasma Science

Linlin Zhong

Southeast University, CN

9.10 Fundamental Process in Lightning Discharge, Long Air-gap Discharge and Relevant Applications

Mi Zhou

Wuhan University, CN

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