How to Become an IEEE NPSS Member

The IEEE Nuclear Plasma Science Society (NPSS) is a 3000 strong professional organization that represents scientists from worldwide institutions in fields ranging from plasmas, charged particle beams, fusion science to medical imaging.

1693270124903154.jpgWe sponsor conferences such as this one that are a forum and showcase for your work as well as a place for interchange of ideas with colleagues in your field. Additionally we are the publishers of several peer reviewed journals, Transactions of plasma science and Transactions on medical imaging, excellent journals that are allow your ideas and work to be peer reviewed and presented to the worldwide community.

Let us explain how being a member of NPSS helps you, helps your technical community and keeps your science at the forefront. Please visit us at our booth and let us talk to you a bit about what NPSS is and what it can offer you or join now!

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